Remaining innovative to provide you with a quality, cost effective service that reduces our carbon footprint.

About us


Aprime Accounting Solutions is a global, first of its kind, Accounting, Human Resources and Secretarial Company, whose primary focus is to support & promote its clients, by delivering outstanding outsourcing services.

To that end, we subscribe to the following core values:

  • Excellence: To be exceptional at what we do
  • Integrity: To be honest, ethical and moral
  • Innovation: To develop state-of-the-art  processes and technology
  • Enterprise: To compete aggressively in the market.
  • Relationships: To take the initiative in meeting client needs and exceeding expectations.
  • People: To build teams that respect, learn from, strengthen and grow.

We'll help you maximize efficiencies and opportunities, because how your business takes care of business today determines how far it will go tomorrow. We are now introducing a new generation of business solutions which is rapidly evolving to enable small to medium size companies to turbo-charge performance. Our new technologies are making accumulated knowledge accessible, searchable and shareable so that the right people can see the right information at the right time and earn their expertise. Our methodology is to RE-THINK your business model, RE-INVENT your workforce and RE-WIRE your operations.

Truly differentiating knowledge, works using skilled teams located around the world and facilitating more productive forms of virtual collaboration and generating meaningful business benefits thus delivering cutting edge solutions for transactional activities such as Bookkeeping services, Human Resources, Payroll services, Secretarial services, Full Accounting services, Corporate services, Taxation services and financial statement preparation to create a complete finance and accounting solution upon the clients request.

By re-engineering client business processes through Re-thinking, Re-inventing & Re-wiring, we take advantage of best innovative practices and solutions, we help our clients achieve greater information mobility, efficiency and flexibility, and improve process quality, controls and real-time access to vital financial information for more quality informed decision making.

Introducing our revolutionary, Web-Based Cloud Concept (WBCC), it integrates with clients daily workload and leverages clients’ existing Accounting, Payroll and Secretarial requirements to automate the financial and human resources processes.

Our software ensures clients’ business processes & controls are followed consistently and accurately through regulated standards, and let clients review transactions which have been processed and reports which have been requested, from our, Web-Based Cloud Concept (WBCC) seven days a week.

Aprime Accounting Solutions clients range in size from small to mid-sized, public to private companies in all industries.

We are a private company which began to offer its outsourcing services in Cyprus and has rapidly expanded into various geographical locations, offering a wider variety of outsourcing services at competitive prices, currently in Cyprus, Hong Kong, London, Dublin and Abu Dhabi, but not limited to.

The company’s success is built on customer relationships and this is our way forward.