Accounts Payable Outsourcing

Increased savings and control with digitized invoices.
Aprime Accounting Solutions procurement-to-payment approach delivers savings of up to 40% and a quality levels to its highest. We'll take that stack of paper invoices off your desk and apply our web-based cloud concept (WBCC) workflows and prepare them for approval and electronic processing in less than a day.
With Aprime Accounting Solutions, your processes become standardized within qualifying business rules. We code these rules into our software and digitize your invoices for processing by our qualified, highly-trained and carefully monitored staff.
Our best practices approach gives you better control over your processes. Instead of going through stacks of invoices and file folders, with a few clicks within our web-based cloud concept, you can drill down into any in-voice to see its status, find out who needs to review it, and approve it for payment if required. Here we offer our clients the advantage of electronic filing which at any time; any information on the web-based cloud concept (WBCC) can be easily accessed.
With Aprime Accounting Solutions, your accounts payable processing becomes digital, predictable, efficient and quality-focused. Your control increases while your costs and risks decrease, enabling you, and your company, to do more.



Accounts Receivable Outsourcing & Billing

Comprehensive billing, cash application and collections management.
Cash flow is the lifeblood of a company, but it is still largely tracked via hand-processed billing, cash application and collections management functions. Aprime Accounting Solutions is ready to move you forward with its web-based cloud concept workflows and outsourced processing that can reduce your costs in half while providing real-time insight into your accounts receivable and cash flow.
We start with reviewing in detail your processes, re-engineering them to the required standards. Then we deploy your updated procedures into our WBCC workflow. WBCC ensures that our processing staff applies your business rules rigorously and lets you drill down into any invoice to review its status through electronic filing. As needed, we can reach out to overdue accounts with reminder calls and emails, based on your business rules and requirements.
By integrating your existing accounts receivable functions, reducing processing costs and providing detailed reporting at every step, Aprime Accounting Solutions will ensure you have the tools and data you need for real-time decision support.


Aprime Accounting Solutions ensures our clients:

  • Faster turnaround in processing Invoices,
  • Fewer errors
  • Greater control
  • Greater Savings