Company Formation


Aprime Accounting Solutions registers and incorporates international business entities every year in all offshore jurisdictions.  We also provide services such as opening and administration of bank accounts, mortgages, property transactions and nominee and registered agent services.

There is no precise legal definition of what an Offshore company is, but an offshore company in reality, is a company formed in a jurisdiction outside the home country of the owner. The term is generally taken to mean a company incorporated in a territory which may be beneficial for taxation and which could impose a zero or low rate of tax, or perhaps indeed exemption from tax.


Tax Neutral, zero tax and low tax
Tax-exempt companies are a dying breed. Resulting from the move towards the same tax treatment for all, mentioned above, they are being replaced, in many jurisdictions, by zero tax companies. One of the perceived benefits of a zero tax regime is that it provides a tax neutral platform to conduct international business.

Some territories have either tax-exempt or low tax regimes and have also negotiated special tax treaties for the avoid-ance of double taxation by local companies trading with the treaty partner country. These countries typically impose tax at very low rates on companies qualifying for treaty benefits.

In some other countries only local source income is taxed. A company may accordingly be based in a country, but pay no tax there if its profits are generated from activities elsewhere.


Offshore company formation benefits:

Offshore companies are used by both individuals and businesses, and some of their reasons for doing so are listed below.


  • Tax saving or deferral
  • Increased privacy
  • Risk management
  • A more favourable business climate
  • Asset protection.
  • Less bureaucracy
  • Exchange convertibility
  • No restrictions on the remittance of profits and capital
  • Security of property rights
  • Political stability.