Human Resources



Aprime Accounting Solutions provides a full range of human resource administration and management services to companies of all sizes.

Our solutions in the area of Human resources scale from training groups and  implementations of corrective actions within a department  to full department replacements and include:


  • Human resources management
  • Payroll management and integration
  • Web-based talent management (Hiring & Training)

For businesses with large, established human resources departments, Aprime Accounting Solutions offers a wide variety of solutions that improve performance, productivity and character thus integrating seamlessly with the existing platforms.

For medium-sized businesses, we present human resources outsourcing solutions that upgrade significant elements of your human resources function.

With Aprime Accounting Solutions, your human resources department will realize lower costs and a higher quality of service, helping you attract and retain your best employees.

Dealing with employees and managers across the various geographical locations isn’t easy – but Aprime Accounting Solutions is here to help.